The Influence of Diamond Jewelry

As we all know a diamond is forever, however the same cannot be said about every type of diamond. When buying diamond jewelry being able to distinguish a synthetic diamond from a true diamond may be easy for professional but it certainly is not for an average man trying to provide a romantic gift to his partner as a symbol of his love, commitment and intentions. The same was true for men in the 18 century as it is today. Where lucrative prices are involved deception and theft are drawn towards it. Such events have lead to intriguing plot formations in films such as ‘The Great Diamond Robbery(1953)” and they have also been the subject of real events such at the attempted robbery of the Millennium Dome in London. Understanding concepts such as the C’s of diamonds may be easy for those in the know, but without it how can an inexperienced person decide and evaluate aspects such as the value of a diamond?

Following tips for buying diamonds rings and engagement rings can certainly help. Being able to identify prong settings and discreet symbols can help, however many are of the belief that choosing a diamond ring should be a choice taken by following ones heart and eternal judgment. Diamond and jewelry care are also issues which may pose problems for less than savvy buyers. Understanding the maintenance involved in keeping your diamond in pristine condition is also something that people may not be overly familiar with prior to purchase. For example, everyday grime and hair products can stop your diamond from shinning as it should. Ensuring you understand these issues before you buy, will ensure that your diamond jewelry is always in as good shape as the day you bought it.

Throughout the ages diamonds have been used as a means of expression through literature, establishing personal identity and metaphors. Elizabeth Taylor once said that “Big Girls Need Big Diamonds”, whilst Joan Rivers showed a similar stance in saying “If god wanted us to bend over he’d put diamonds on the floor”. Diamonds were featured in the famous song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” for which much debate has existed over the prominent undertones and the reverse acronym for which it may represent. Leo Robin best summarized the relationship between women and diamonds with her quote “A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a girls best friend”. It is fair to say that we cannot doubt the influence of diamond jewelry.

Over the years diamonds have been influenced by many eras. As culture changed along with politics, economics and society the climate in which we live in influenced jewelry and fashion as much as anything else. As female discrimination became a thing of the past, so to did formality and uniformity. Individuality and expression were not just embraced by the views people held, but also by the way they spoke, dressed and presented themselves. The impact of jewelry on society can not be questioned, especially when you study the evolution of jewelry design in line with social change. When we look at modern diamond jewelry we should not forget the history that has molded its essence of being an expressive outlet.

Art Deco Jewelry was influenced by fashion and trends that were being introduced into architecture, clothing and society at the time. The movement promoted strong vibrant color and bold shapes whilst pushing the boundaries of innovation. The art deco era brought contemporary jewelry into society, whilst elegance and extravagance were the only features that existed before hand.

During the early 1900s Paris was the home of Art Nouveau where examples can still be found today at the Paris Exposition Universelle. Art Nouveau Era Jewelry introduced the concept of respecting design and craftsmanship, whilst also making a cultural statement against materialism and a hierarchical society. Such influences were embraced by many, and were part of what later became an acceptance of left-wing views which were somewhat overshadowed in the past.

Although short-lived the Edwardian Era brought with it, the ‘Gilded Age’ in terms of Edwardian Era Jewelry. Precious gems such as diamonds were rapidly increasing in popularity, whilst platinum made its first appearance on the scene. The Edwardian era is also said to have had a strong influence on household appliance design, especially in terms of what we have been exposed to in this decade. This era will be best remembered for its for its influence in the combination of diamond and platinum in the creation of jewelry.

From 1714-1837 also known as the Georgian era, the beauty of nature was at the very essence of design. Georgian era Jewelry evoked free spirit in us all whilst bringing everyone at one with nature, through identifying and expressing wildlife and organic beauty through design. Whilst diamonds were a key feature of this expressive era, emphasis was often placed on intricacy and coy materialism.

Retro Era Jewelry is somewhat different from Victorian design in the bold colors and expression that were adopted. Dark greens and deep purples were very popular, while light pastel colors were far from prominent. Similar to the Georgian era, nature was influencing design, but in a far more surreal way. Bold design was placed before delicate beauty, and free spirit was influencing design much as it was society as a whole.

With Queen Victoria’s appointment to the throne of the British Monarchy in 1837 the Romantic era was born, and with it Romantic Era Jewelry. As society moved on from the prior era, jewelry design accelerated at a similar pace. Diamonds of stature and symbolism were also exchanged amongst heads of state, as symbolism became prominent in light of religious turmoil. Despite this, some famous diamonds such as the Tiffany Yellow were yet to reach the pinnacle of their stardom.

From eras gone to the position that we find ourselves in today much has changed in the economics and fiscal make-up of the diamond trade. As markets become more competitive in the global economy, barriers to trade are still prominent despite the transactional structure involving agents, brokers and wholesalers. Now it is possible to buy diamonds over the internet, like anything else. The commodity markets influence on diamond pricing fails to penetrate through to the consumer in the way one might expect. Although you can follow some tips for buying diamonds on the internet one should not expect the aggregation of developing and developed countries to result in equilibrium. Mr. Douglas, the chief advisor to the board of monetary studies for the university of Edinburgh, stated that “price elasticity is not applicable in the diamond market through the increased demand for items with perceived higher value. Margins are being pushed as marketing becomes an ever increasing cost-center to the diamond industry…one should expect rapid consolidation in the coming years if not months”

Some might ask, what is a diamond? According to the Random House Unabridged Dictionary a diamond is “a pure or nearly pure, extremely hard form of carbon, naturally crystallized in the isometric system”. Although this may provide a valuable insight into the structure of a diamond, asking what is a diamond may beg a different answer to a young women with dreams of marriage and eternal love. Of all the various types of jewelry there is something that makes a diamond special and distinguishable from any other type of gift. Some may say that this is the result of the symbolism that draws parallels between the strength of diamonds and the strength of love. For others it is the correlation between the value of the diamond and the value of their loved one. As recent studies suggest that a diamond ring is the most expensive purchase one will make after a home and car, what is it that compels us to spend without fore site of value in the same manner as the practical application of a home or car.

So I ask you why is a diamond so special? Why is it that many of us will disregard a diamond jewelry buying guide when when making such a financially intensive purchase. The answer is perhaps that the intensity of love is no match for the intensity of fiscal limitations. According to Gregor Scott esq. ‘young star-crossed lovers and their contemporary equivalents are fueled by love, passion, euphoria and haste’. Whether you purchase your loved one of the top 10 most astounding diamonds in the world or merely push your boundaries slightly further than you should, always remember that diamonds are forever.

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